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Social Makers

Foodbank & Rescued Strawberries

In 2018 Australian strawberry farmers were faced with the prospect of dumping tonnes and tonnes of fresh picked Australian strawberries in response to a needle contamination scare.

At the time, Australian Vinegar saw an opportunity to avoid some of the wastage and help the Australian charity, Foodbank.

Not shy of experimenting and trying new things, a truckload of local strawberries were crushed, juiced and converted into a special release vinegar, where all revenue would be donated directly to Foodbank.

On the 20th February, 2019 a cheque for $5,500 was donated to Foodbank.

A number of local businesses supported the initiative including AV Graphics, Unique Graphic Signs and of course Pinata Farms who approached Australian Vinegar instead of dumping the strawberries straight away.

Vinegar to Townsville

The Townsville floods in early February 2019 created chaos for the local community. One in one hundred year floods pummelled parts of Townsville and left mud damage and sadly some fatalities.

Australian Vinegar received a call from the Proprietor of the Golf Links Mini Mart requesting as much white vinegar as possible to help combat the critical mould situation in Townsville. He wanted to buy it to give away to his community who were desperate without any vinegar anywhere.

Australian Vinegar stepped up and quickly produced the vinegar, 4000L worth around $8,000. The mini mart generously donated the freight cost and containers were distributed a few days later when trucks could get through.

Australian Vinegar continued the support to offer vinegar at cost price plus freight to residents of Townsville for the next two months.

Waste Reduction

Australian Vinegar works with a number of manufacturers and farmers to address food waste. Both what it can be converted into and what we can do to reduce it.

Most of these projects sit with our Research and Development team until ready to pilot or commercialise.

We often partner with tertiary and or government organisations to assist with these projects.

Connect With Us

We are always looking to connect with people who have an interest in a sustainable future.

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