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Australian Vinegar started under the Lirah Vinegar brand in 2003 but it was not until 2005 that Ian left his career as a Winemaker to take up his new passion of vinegar making full-time.

The Lirah origins were very humble, initially just 4 barrels of vinegar were made using the starter culture, or “Mother” from his in-laws’ home vinegar barrel. Within a year production had moved to a more permanent location where full scale production began in 2006. Export to the USA began that same year and domestic sales starting in 2007.

Ian studied Vinegar Making in Europe in 2006 after being awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship. Formal qualifications and work experience in Italy, Spain and Austria showed Ian just what was possible in Australian Vinegar production if the right investment in time and commitment could be made.

2009 saw the construction of the initial sections of the dedicated vinegar making facility that has become Australian Vinegar. Expansion continued and markets evolved but Ian has never lost his first love of vinegar making – High quality, barrel aged vinegars in the European Style.

Over the years, the Lirah brand has come widely recognised in the Australian foodservice industry with many of the top restaurants right across the country using the Lirah vinegars to craft sensational dishes.

Lirah is the market innovator in vinegar in Australia. The range of products available under the Lirah brand include high quality Australian made wine and apple vinegars, Caramelised Balsamic in any flavours and the iconic Verjus products.

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