Collaboration - A Crucial Key to Success in All Areas
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With a strong emphasis on research and development, Australian Vinegar has worked extensively with University of Queensland to research two major projects throughout 2017 – 2019.

With Federal funding from the Department of Industry Innovation and Science, the first project led to the commercialisation of a fruit flavoured apple cider vinegar, yourACV.

The research validated some theories around the consumption of apple cider vinegar including:

  • Lowers the risk of asthma in children for pregnant mothers
  • It may lower GI and mediate glucose uptake in diabetics
  • It can reduce blood pressure and help with energy levels
  • Can reduce lesions in the liver from fat build up

The yourACV range reflects the post-research, product commercialisation program, including addressing focus group feedback that, apple cider vinegar just doesn’t taste good. Three fruit flavours were developed to produce a great tasting vinegar, that’s really good for you.

A current project is addressing food waste and how it can be converted into a commercialised product. The project will complete in December 2019.


Located in a regional town in Queensland Australian Vinegar has maintained strong relationships with local growers and winemakers.

This has expanded across Australia, as the company has grown to ensure continuity of supply.

Fair pricing and guaranteed purchase of produce are some commercial values that Australian Vinegar has stood by to support farmers. Living and operating from a regional town means the local farmers re the people who help you put out fires, say hi to at community events and you invite over for dinner.

Some of the relationships with our organic apple farmers means that Australia Vinegar has worked with local Stanthorpe farmers to take all of their juicing apples and work with local juicing companies to do the conversion to organic apple juice which is the key ingredient in apple cider vinegar.

Product Development

Australian Vinegar works with customers to develop high-volume products to customers’ exact specifications, every single time. As the Australian vinegar making experts, we can fine tune any acidic product to ensure private label, food manufacturers and bulk manufacturers get exactly what they need in flavour, consistency and always quality.

Environmental Solutions

We partner with other innovative organisations to look at ways we can develop new products or establish new uses

These include applications where we collaborate to:

  • Develop new products from food manufacturer waste products
  • High strength vinegar as a sanitation product post flood and fire disasters
  • Rescuing produce during crisis such as the needle contamination scare with strawberries in Australia in 2018

Connect With Us

We are always looking to connect with people who have an interest in a sustainable future.

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